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Welcome to Titanium World 2k13
Custom/Real -map (Diablo-like server)

Download the IP Changer: For 9.82(9.83)
    credits to Talanturen and Co.
Download 9.83 Client here
Client: 9.82/9.83

IP:   Port:  7171

Accountmaker: 1/1

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More info: Titanium Server


- Random stats on items
- Magical, Rare and Unique items
- Random boss monsters
- Townportal scrolls
- Waypoints
- Good / Evil system
- Random spawning chests
- Items in destroyed grass
- Random spawning dungeon/instances
- Zelda hearts(Find them to increase max hp/mp)
- Item enchant (Sword +1, +2 ..)
- Rl, Titanium and yourOTS map
- Town Buffers
- Minigames
And tons of other stuff!


Cratoria (Click on the image!)